Docker Seafile with SSL and NGINX


I’m running Docker Seafile 7 and NGINX (serving my own PHP app) on the same server.

Letsencrypt certificate is automatically deployed when I use the standard ports 80/443 and when NGINX isn’t running.

I have succeeded changing the port 80 to 8000 to make Docker Seafile 7 run next to NGINX. But I would like Seafile to run with SSL and NGINX is already using port 443. In the docker-compose.yml, I have tried mapping the port 443 to 4430 and using SEAFILE_SERVER_LETSENCRYPT= true. But the letsencrypt certificate creation fails…

Should I change SEAFILE_SERVER_LETSENCRYPT to false and use the same letsencrypt certificate I’m already using for NGINX ?

The doc for Docker Seafile 6 mentions it is possible to use self-signed certificate by creating a /opt/seafile-data/ssl directory and copying the cert files there. Would this solution work here if I copy my certs from /etc/letsencrypt to /opt/seafile-data/ssl ? Is it the best solution in my use case ?

It seems there is no way to run Seafile with SSL if NGINX is running on the same server.