Dockerized Seafile AD integration doesnt work

Hello guys. I have the following environment: Debian10, Seafile running in docker. Everything is fine, seafile is working. I am trying AD integration and from official docs it seems pretty straight forward. I add the following into ccnet.conf inside docket container:
Domain controller ( is reachable from host, ldapsearch is a user able to read AD. I have gitlab and AWX working with this user, so it works.

HOST = ldap://
BASE = cn=User,dc=co,dc=mcicool,dc=ru
USER_DN = CN=ldapsearch,OU=User,DC=co,DC=mcicool,DC=ru
PASSWORD = password
LOGIN_ATTR = userPrincipalName
FILTER = memberOf={CN=seafile_admins,OU=GROUP,DC=co,DC=mcicool,DC=ru}

But seems like it doesnt work :frowning: Any suggestions?

What error does it report? Can you try to remove the curly brace around memberOf?

Change this to FILTER = memberOf=CN=seafile_admins,OU=GROUP,DC=co,DC=mcicool,DC=ru

Well, in ccnet.log it reports
ldap_search user ‘userPrincipalName=*’ failed for base CN=User,DC=co,DC=mcicool,DC=ru: No such object
It just doesnt allow me to log in via domain creds. But in the admin area it show LDAP section but with 0 users.
i tried to run ldapsearch command with above setting and it works.

Maybe anyone can share their working config for latest Seafile AD integration please?