Does a self Certified SSL cause issue in SF Cleint?

I just installed SF client on a new PC. The client would not sync any files. There was a problem with SSL, I configured client to not check the certificate and it began to sync,

Is there a problem with my self certified certificate or is it because its self certified that is not from an authoritative entity.

I used to run into problems with not-trusted certificates as well. Adding the certificate to the trusted publisher should make it work.

I’m not sure I know how to do that - I did visit the site from a browser and answered yes always trust but I’m still getting the error from the Seafile Client so I’m guessing that’s not how you add the cert as a trusted publisher

The browser trust is not related to which certificates Seafile trusts.

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Yes I kind of got that I just don’t know how to add a cert to the trusted list, I was hoping somone wold be so kind as to point me in the right direction on How 2

My situation is a bit different. I have a custom certificate authority (CA) that issues certificates for various local machines. So I added the certificate of the CA to the Trusted Root Certificate Authority of the local machines and all the issued certificates are trusted.

For just one custom certificate, I am assuming that adding it to the Trusted Publishers should work. Try downloading the certificate and double click on a local machine to install certificate to the local machine as in the attached pictures.

Also, getting a free real certificate from might be a better solution.

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