Does not sync the encrypted library

Hello there! I have a problem with a client (seaf-cli) on debian 10. Does not sync the encrypted library. Writes the following message: “Failed to write data on the client. Please check disk space or folder permissions”. The rights to the folder are full. Could it be related to encryption? Unencrypted libraries sync normally. I write a message through an online translator. So do not scold too much for the quality. Please help me either synchronize the library, or remove it completely from the list of synchronized ones. Thank you in advance! Andrey.

Is there disk space left at the location of your home folder?

When other libraries work fine, this sound like there could be some corruption on the client side. I’m not sure how to get rid of them.

Temporary data, but also configuration is stored within the Seafile folder selected on setup. There is a hidden folder called .seafile-data.

There is a lot of free space. 17% used. Libraries are loaded and synced normally. Only what is encrypted is not loaded and is in error. The folders are all visible and there are no hidden ones.