Does SeaDroid / Seafile for Android support delta sync?

Didn’t find this information in my search:

Just a feature/functionality question: Seafile for windows supports delta sync as far as i know. Is this also true for the android version?


The Android app does only support file access but not file synchronization.

Oh, sorry, i probably used the wrong nomenclature: I mean do uploads only upload delta? E.g. i edit an pdf in android and it get’s uploaded via seafile android app: Does it only upload the changes or always the whole file (even in >50MB pdf)?

Ok, I understand. I cannot tell for sure, but doubt that the app uses delta uploads. One reason probably is to save battery.


Ok, would be great if someone could confirm.

Personnaly i would think: traffic savings > battery; and with very slow internet connection delta upload would also be better.

I am pretty sure it just uploads the file, same as if you upload in the web interface. To test this, I did these steps:

  • I picked an about 300MB file from a library (something big enough to see if it is sending the entire file by watching network traffic), and copied it out to somewhere else on the disk.
  • Then copy it into another folder in the library (upload to another location in the phone app)

On the computer only a few tens of MB of network traffic happened (I didn’t track how much specifically from the seafile client) and the file showed up in the new location on the seafile web interface. The phone did a few hundred MB of network traffic, consistent with it uploading the entire file. BTW, the file was deduplicated and didn’t take more space on the server in either case.

I think the phone app would have to work pretty differently from the desktop agent. The agent on my computer currently has 900MB in almost 200,000 files in its hidden “data” directory. That’s fine on a PC, but lots of people would not accept that on a phone.