Does Seafile Client run on Windows Server?


Are there any limitations of running Seafile Client on Windows Server?

No, there’s not limitations, but I cannot promise fully working, cause never test it. But it should work like on classic Windows server …
For example SeaDrive on Windows Server works :slight_smile:

Not working for multiple users at the same time. Neither for now. The devs said somewhere that this will be fixed in the future.

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Seafile proved very reliable for syncing files on client machines using standard windows versions. I have used it on Windows Server as well,for a single user, but I’m don’t know if it is recommended since the official download page says it runs on Windows 7,8,10.

I believe businesses could benefit from widening the use of Seafile Client to Windows Server, I know I would certainly appreciate it.

Does anyone know if Windows Server will be added to the list of supported Windows OS’es, if those issues get fixed ?

You should write a direct message to a developer.

It would be the best if we could get an answer here for all to see.