Dowloading files fails in Android app and web interface

I have configured seafile behind a nginx server.
The desktop client for linux (seafile-applet) works fine. I can see my libraries, the libraries are correctly synced and I can even download specific files explicitly.

Also viewing my libraries works via the web interface and via android app. However in both systems I am not able to download any files. The android app only tells me that downloading failed. I didn’t find a way to get any more information about the problem.
When trying to download a file via the web interface, I can see that the download tries to access port 8082 (for example: http://myserver:8082/files/0e16b785-30ca-450c-a2bc-32f73eaeffe9/myfile, which cannot work, since this port isn’t open to the public (it should always go through the ngingx server via port 443).
I assume that the android app has the same problem.

What can the problem be? Is it a configuration issue in the nginx server? Or a configuration issue in the seafile application? However, the deskrop client works fine, so I assume both configurations should be correct.

I can post configuration snippets, if necessary.


the url is generated by seafile, so I think somewhere in your seafile configuration you have added the port. It could be the SERVICE_URL in the ccnet.conf.
Can you download the file when you omit the port (e.g. http://myserver/files/0e16b785-30ca-450c-a2bc-32f73eaeffe9/myfile) ?

Hi, ccnet.conf specified the SERVICE_URL as https://myserver:8000 (which is not 8082).
I have changed this and removed the port and it didn’t change anything.

I did a grep for 8082 over the conf directory and the only value that was found was in seafile.conf: port = 8082

Just removing the port from the URL doesn’t work either. A seafile-generated website is presented saying that the page could not be found.

Any other ideas?

Some settings can be set with the web interface. Maybe something is wrong here?

Yes! That’s it! I can’t remember having configured anything via the web interface, but obviously the entry there was overriding the ccnet.conf. After changing it in the web interfance it works as expected.

Many thanks!

I had a similar issue. But I used the HTTP Seahub web server in order to connect to Seafile webinterface. The connection was via my DynDNS account. I also tried to install Seafile on my Raspberry Pi. Nothing worked.

So I changed the HTTP_SERVER_ROOT to http://:8082. I also opened Port 8082 in my Router.