Download and Sync is not possible any more!

Hello Seafile community,
my computer broke down one week ago where seafile was working fine on. No that I havew my ne (second.-hand) computer I downloaded the seafile client as before and also my virtual library in a synchronised folder. That did work, but it was synchronised to the wrong place and I had trouble replacing the folder and it was just a mess in the end. Then I deinstalled the client and thought by reinstalling it, I can organize all my folders neatly again and put it not on my C drive. But after I reinstalled Seafile again and deleted all existent folders which were created by the program, I couldn’t download my virtual library any more and a synchronisation also doesn’t work.
Within my downloaded seafile client I can open my virtual library but I don’t have a synchronised folder any more because it fails to download the files. It keeps saying: list of files is being loaded and then it jumps from 2% to nothing to 10% and then back to 2%. I let it load for quite a while but nothing happened and the internet connection is good and everything works. Just the download and synchronisation not at all. I also deleted on the website all the former listed devices which are not used anymore.

And I de- and reinstalled the program several times, but until now this didn’t work.
I would appreciate it very much, if somebody could help me in this regard! And maybe the problem sounds familiar to anyone and can tell me whether I made a mistake or there is maybe something wrong in my settings.

I am looking forward to an answer.
Best wishes

Have you check on “delete all config files” when you uninstall the client?

What error messages can you find in seafile.log at the client side?