Download Files Restriction


Just wondering if there is an option to restrict any type of library/file downloads in specific groups or libraries?

We have a number of requests from Educational institutions that have intellectual property in forms of PDF and PPTS. Best case scenario, management uploads specific content to “view only” and users can only preview files online, with no option to download. However, now even the library is set to “Read Only” and user sharing permission is “Read Only” user can still download the file and share it to anyone.

The only option is to share a download link that is “Preview Only” - that is great, but it would be even better if it could be applied to the whole library or user group/department.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this

I am not entirely sure I understand the question.

What keeps you from generating a “preview-only” sharing link for a folder / a library? This is possible.

Seafile PE also offers two extra sharing permission that might be interesting for you: online read-write and online read-only. These permission allow online acces (that is via the Seafile webinterface), but restrict download or synchronisation.