Download links do not work

somehow the generated download links do not work.
This error message always pops up when someone tries to access the file via the download link:

Sorry, but the requested page could not be found.

Does nobody have a clue how i can fix this??

Please post the seafile logs and the error message.

Which of all those logs?


the logs:
the error message:

from your django log:

django.request:170 get_response Not Found: /seafile

There should be a problem with your configuration.

Post the and the ccnet.conf (without secret key and passwords and other private things ;))

did u see that this error is 5 days old?


does nobody know what I can do to fix it? the console log doesn’t seem to be that usefull either :confused:

Has there been any further progress on this? I am having the same problem.

Your link reads /seafile behind the domain where im thinking of some incorrect webserver settings as seen right there:

Post the webserver conf here or check why the link is getting redirected to /seafile

Yeah, @Jack_Miller saying truth. Your setup using non-root server aka instead of . I see in you ccnet.conf for example SERVICE_URL = which is bad if you want access seafile over

For best check, copy your download link without seafile/ part. I’m sure download will start :wink:

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