Download over limit - wrong error message (bug)


we created download link for library which size is about 2,8 GB. Config parameter in seafile.conf was:
max_download_dir_size=1500. When user tried to download as ZIP, he got this message: Invalid Token. User shoud receive info message something like: Download size is over maximum limit… or something more reasonable. Web browser is Chrome.

Hello,this issue has been fixed in version 8.0.

Unfortunately, our server version is 8.0.6 (CE) and the message “Invalid token” is displayed.

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Hello,maybe you should update to the latest version 8.0.7.

Thanks for your recommendation. I have already updated to 8.0.7 and now message says: “size too large”. It is quit correct. It is not translated to my language. I do translate seafile ( but cannot find string “size too large”.