Downloading a library - syncs for a few seconds, then stops, repeat. Occasional halt

First, I want to say I have very little knowledge of the Linux operating system. I come from a background in working with Windows computers.

I am trying to figure out why my server keeps syncing for a few seconds, stops, then repeat, over and over again. Every once in a while, my windows client will notify me it saying a few files were updated. Occasionally server will completely stop responding. Clients will cease to sync and the webpage will not load, eventually returning error 523 (Origin is unreachable.) This happens when I try to connect externally or internally.

Running under a VirtualBox VM with 4 cores and 2gb of ram (appears to only be using a little over half of available ram and about or less than 30% cpu usage at any give).
Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 (converted into server) Tut
Https enforcement was turned off because it didn’t play nice with cloudflare’s flexible ssl (infinite redirect loops). I just had to fumble around the nginx seafile.conf until I got it. Basically I move the bind 80 to the other server and disables the server I moved it from.

As I was writing this, the client just gave me a message saying “Unspecified Fatal Error encountered, aborting.”

Below are client logs. I just spend about an hours searching how to obtain server logs. I know where they are located but I cannot figure out how to scp into my server to obtain them. It says connection refused.

Edit: Looked at some server logs. This line keeps repeating in seafile.log and it appears to match up with the stops mentioned above.

http-server.c(1653): Failed to allocate 0 bytes of memeory.

(yes there is actually a typo in the error message.)

Why don’t you install a Ubuntu Server image ?

That sounds pretty complicated to me, why don’t you start with a standard installation, especially if you are not familiar with linux ? If it works you can make modification step by step.

That’s why I started on Ubuntu desktop. I already know how to use Ubuntu desktop so I configured it on there before converting it into a server. It’s not that complicated, just a simple web search. Anyways, do you know what I can do about the error message at the bottom of my post and the logs? I didn’t find anything on Google that would help me. A guy on github posted about this error but he gave up.

I would open a terminal and would check memory and disk space first:


free -m

Disks space

df -h -a

Under which user seafile is running ? Does is user got sufficient rights? That’s just a starting point for further investigation. But as I said, would start to test the installation step by step - first without Nginx, just to
see if seafile got the same problem without Nginx.

btw. how do you manage seafile and Nginx without your desktop environment ? So IMHO you should start with the server image :wink:

Disk Space is fine. It has 4 Terabytes to work with. Ram was around 75 mb free. I gave it an extra 512 mb to work with. I am still having the same issue, where it syncs for a few seconds, stops and says it synced some files, then starts up again to finish the remaining files and repeat until it is done. Seafile is running under the Seafile username. I used the install script found here. If there is something I need to do on the desktop environment, then I will reinstall it using using the same tut as before, but swapping what I’m removing and installing. As for managing my server without a desktop, well I use ls and cd to navigate and I use nano to view/edit logs and configuration files.

Edit: Checked the free -m again and it is using the extra 512 mb I gave it but it stays around 75 mb free at all times. Ideally I would like to use less memory, no more than 1024 mb but ideally 512 mb.

Do not get me wrong, but I am not a friend of those install scrips especially if you are not familiar with the linux environment. This script seem to be made for Ubuntu 16.04 but you use 14.04 - that do not have to be an issue but can be a problem.

All scripts are meant to run with the bare minimum OS setup. We strongly suggest not installing Seafile server besides desktop environment or hosting panels like Plesk, ISPConfig, etc.

I really recommend you to start from the scratch. Do a manual installation - it is pretty easy and well documented. It will save you a lot of time.

Alright ill give it a try. Thanks for your advice.