Drive Client Cache Configuration in WIndows

How does one change the cache value in the drive client subsequent to the install? I assume one has to edit the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Seafile\Seafile Drive Client\Settings registry section to add the equivalent of the Linux size_limit and clean_cache_interval configuration items.


On Windows you can set it in the GUI. There is a setting menu item when you right click on the tray icon.

Thanks. Sometimes the obvious never is!!!

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Hi, very helpful for me as well, thanks. However it seems not to change anything. My problem: After installation of SeaDrive my drive S: shows 6 GB free out of 42 GB. I would like to add a bunch of pictures to my cloud drive via SeaDrive, however if I try to copy 7 GB images to S: I get notified about insufficient disk space. I tried to set max cache size to 20GB, 40 GB and 100 GB. It didnt change anything including the size of free space of drive S:
It’s a pity since I do like the idea of SeaDrive a lot, it woild be awesome.


This is due to the fact that the cache is only cleaned up periodically. You can set shorter clean up interval and copy the files in batches.