Drive client crashes

i’m using Drive client at latest versione (0.7.1) on windows 10 PRO 64bit.
I’m on a laptop and during working day, i frequently close and open the laptop cover to make PC pause/hybernate and having it ready next time i open it up.

When i close the laptop cover with Drive client running, every time i re-open the laptop, i have Drive client crashes (cannot see if during pause or at the moment when i start a new session/login to the PC).

Whan can i do to mitigate this problem?

Other thing: it would be great if the Drive client assigned letter could be in some way reserved so we can have a consistent mapping even after Drive client crashes. This would be of great help with users that need to transparently have the Drive redirected (forced redirect) to seafile server without the option to change this path.

Thank you very much!


Running Win7 x64 I can’t even get a stable directory listing using the drive client.

Did you have to do anything special in order for it to work at all?
I like the drive client idea, but so far it’s been too unstable to even successfully test for me.