Drive client not showing all libraries


I have upgraded my Seafile server to 6.0.2 and installed the Drive client on my windows machine. In the virtual drive I can only see libraries I created after upgrading the server. The libraries that existed before upgrading are not being synced. I checked the Drive client logs and don’t see any errors but also no messages about the older libraries being synced. Is there any additional steps I need to perform to upgrade libraries when upgrading the server?


Are the libraries encrypted? The current version hasn’t supported encrypted libraries yet. It’ll be added in the next version.

No, the libraries are not encrypted. I did find a post about libraries not syncing using http after an upgrade from server version 2.x to 3.0 or later. However the normal drive client does sync fine and I think it is using http so I don’t know that that is the issue. I did upgrade my server from 2.1 to 6.01. When I did the upgrade the time it took to upgrade to 3.0 was several hours compared to only a few seconds for all the other incremental upgrades so I’m assuming it took time to upgrade the library data to the post 3.0 format.

Libraries created before 3.0 version are not supported by SeaDrvie.