Drive to -> Library

I can sync folders no issue, but when I try and add an entire drive then nothing happens. No Sync.

Why doesn’t the client allow this and are there any workarounds. Haven’t tried a symlink yet.

Seafile Client 6.0.7, Windows 7
Seafile Client 6.1.5, Windows 10

Server is Community. 6.0.9 on Debian

Thanks for suggestions.

Can you be more specific? Do you get an error? Does the client allow you to set up the sync but never syncs? Or, does it never show it in the Seafile client after you set up the sync?

Client allows me to set up the sync without any issues or errors. The created library exists in client with a solid orange cloud (on right side) and never uploads anything.

What does the status icon in the Client tell you? Is it an exclamation point or does it say “indexing” or anything? An entire drive may take a significant amount of time. I do photography on the side and that library is massive. Whenever I sync it to a new machine, it takes hours, and I think it’s a little over 100 gigs.

Doesn’t say anything, just has the solid orange cloud. No data is being uploaded. 0 kB/s

It just sits there. Have left it for days without it doing anything.

As a test I made a symbolic link to one of my drives and then created a new library to the symlink. No issues syncing, starts right away.

So I have found a work around, but I do feel that this capability should be native to the client.

Yeah, that sounds like a question for the developers, or at least a feature request. I’ve never tried an entire drive.