Duplicated folder within itself

Seafile was just reinstalled and setup on a machine and it seems to keep repeating a folder within itself. Example the test123 folder has a few files in it. THen in that folder is another test123, with the same files in it. And it keeps repeating.

Version, OS, since when?

client version 6.0.3, on a windows 10 machine, from what I can tell since the client was reinstalled (And attached to a rebuilt server). We had to setup a new seafile server a couple of weeks ago. So I’m not positive if this happened before or after, I just have a end user reporting the folders keep duplicating.

Can anyone help??

sooo you’re having that duplicated folders issue only within the client or is seahub displaying the same?

Does that affect every folder or just a bunch/single area?
What are the logs reading and could you might provide a screenshot?
thanks :slight_smile:

Only 1 folder, reflects locally, on the web, and in the client. I asked the end user to rename the first duplicate and we’ll see if it starts up again. Just to see if it either does or if maybe its something that happened another time or happening on someone else’s machine

Do the dublicates contain anything else in the folder name? If there is a conflict Seafile renames folders/files with a conflict note. (sometimes annoying and confusing)