Edit markdown in seahub - Check network connetion

I just updaten from 6.33 to 7.05 to 7.13. I created a markdown file in seahub and tried to open it. seahub responds with: check yo network connection… the file will not be opened

Confirm a problem, in my case, after update from 5.1.4 to 7.1.3 I also can not edit a new markdown file.

For information - I tested this problem on clear installation of SeaFile Server for generic Linux 7.1.3 64bit on fresh installed Ubuntu 18.04 server. Markdown editor works normal.

I fixed my problem with markdown editor.
In my case this answer helped me

I did some additional tests. I only get the problem in Column Mode View. In the regular list view, I can edit the file but get an error without any text. After saving the changes, I can open the md in all views without any error.

I checked you solution but don’t think that causes my problem. File comments work fine and I don’t have the mentioned line in the seahub logs.

The problem is only on Safari. It works with Chrome.
I also tested with a fresh installation from here https://de.seafile.com/trial/ same results.
So, looks like a bug in combination with Safari.