Edit Microsoft office documents from Seafile server

Hi All,

I am using Seafile with version Server Version: 7.1.13 pro edition in Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS. The installation has been completed and the office document preview also installed. We can now open Microsoft office documents but unable to edit them. I have checked everywhere in GUI but haven’t seen any option for editing the doc. We can only edit txt files.

May I know is there any way that we can enable the editing option for a doc file in seafile server? It will be more helpful if anyone can advise since I am new to the seafile options.

Thank you.

In order to be able to edit MS Office dos, you need to integrate Seafile either with Collabora or with OnlyOffice. OnlyOffice should be the better option if you want to edit MS Office docs. Please have a look at https://manual.seafile.com/deploy/only_office/


Seanfile not installed with docker, I have tried and checked some KBs online regarding the deployment but most of them are deployment with docker, may I check if Onlyoffice can be deployed in ubuntu server without docker, is there any document available online to do the same?

Thank you.

Check out OnlyOffice page: