Editing seahub_settings.py Crashes System

I’m completely new to Seafile.
I just installed Seafile on ubuntu 20.04 using the Auto install Seafile Server option.

Seafile installed perfectly, and I can access it just fine. However, whenever I change the seahub_settings.py file located in /opt/seafile/conf/seahub_settings.py and reboot the server it crashes.

I’m trying to edit this to add the SMTP settings.

Would anyone be able to help me?

It’s likely that it is being picky about the formatting of your changes to that file. In mine, all the email-related options are quoted with single-quotes like:

But that’s just a guess. You could look at the end of the log files for errors that might tell us more specifically what it doesn’t like. I think based on what you said the logs would be in /opt/seafile/log.

I formatted them the same.

Idk if this makes a difference, I updated the domain name in the web UI.
But in the seahubs_settings.py it still have the local host ip. Not the updated domain.

I found the error,
I also changed the variables for
to the actual email address it was sending from:
'123@example.com' instead of EMAIL_HOST_USER

Once I did that. it worked like a charm