Elasticsearch with Https and Authentication

Hi everyone!

Is it Possible to connect Seafile 8/9 Pro to Elasticsearch over HTTPS with DNS-Name and Authentication?

In the Manual i only see the following parameters:

external_es_server = true
es_host =
es_port = 9200

@daniel.pan do yo have any information about elasticserach and https?

HTTPS support will be added in the next release.


Seafile Server Professional Edition 9.0.7 now supports https with ElasticSearch. Great!

Is there anything in particular to consider when using https? Could you add a configuration example in the manual? Ideally for a popular external ES like AWS ES?

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Here are steps to work with AWS ES:

  1. Create an elasticsearch service on AWS according to the documentation.

  2. Configure the seafevents.conf:

enabled = true
interval = 10m
external_es_server = true
es_host = your domain endpoint(for example, https://search-my-domain.us-east-1.es.amazonaws.com)
es_port = 443
scheme = https
username = master user
password = password
highlight = fvh

NOTE: The version of the Python third-party package elasticsearch cannot be greater than 7.14.0, otherwise the elasticsearch service cannot be accessed:


thank you very much for the explanation. Does this mean, you support OpenSearch as well?

Is there any matrix regarding supported ElasticSerch / OpenSearch Versions available?
Perhaps you could add it to the Release Table at https://cloud.seatable.io/dtable/external-links/a85d4221e41344c19566

As suggested in Elasticsearch 8.3 Support Elastic Search 8 should work if xpack.security ist changed to false.

We only tested with ElasticSearch 7.x in Seafile version 9.

Whether OpenSearch can work with Seafile is unknown to us.


Ok thank you very much for the clarification.
In this case i will test it by my self.