Email Configuration - Post Updates

Whenever I update my seafile server. I have to remember to go back to the seafile-server-latest/seahub/seahub/ settings file and copy-in my SMTP settings again.:



This isn’t too hard, because I can just find the old configuration file and copy the details across, but it is rather annoying and I often forget. Whilst I had thought the solution may be to just have the settings file above the application files, and just use symlinks, this would prevent me getting any future updates to the settings file.

Question: Am I doing something wrong or is this what is supposed to happen (manually plugging in the details after every update)? Would it not be possible to just have the SMTP details stored in the database instead?


please see config manual.
You are use the wrong config file.

Awesome. It looks like things changed in 5.0 and the configuration needs to be the one called under the conf folder which will be on the same directory level of where the seafile-server-latest symlink is.

Obviously I had read the manual at one point (otherwise I would have never known how to set the settings in that place in the first place), but things have changed since I read it (probably pre 5.0).