Email not sending

I have the email configured properly as I know the connection is being made. The seahub log shows the response from the remote system as 1220 put (-1, b’Dovecot ready.’) No emails landing in the target email (my personal account) and there is the popup on the web client about the email failed in sending.

I have no idea on how to proceed.

It was a long time ago that I setup my email stuff, so I might be remembering this wrong. But I think dovecot talks IMAP and POP3, but not SMTP, which means it is the server you talk to in order to receive email, but not to send mail. You need to change the server name and port to those of the SMTP server you use. The port would probably be 25 or 587, but you will have to find out from your email service provider to be sure.

Yes I was not configured to the SMTP port for my provider…and… I had mistyped DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL as EMAIL_FROM_EMAIL.

Everything is working!