Email notification of accessed download links

It would be nice to have a email notification when someone access an public download link. I know about the access counter inside Seafile but having an email would be preferred my our use case.



In addition every available information (type of internet browser, OS, IP, etc) will be very appreciated. This is the only possibility to recognize if the Link was leaked to third parties.


@jobenvil you could get this information already from your web server log files. And there are many tools to automatically parse and analyse web server log files for incidents :wink:
Such a tool cloud also send you an email if it detects any downloads.

yes, I know, but keep it single as possible is a good principle. One thing that I like from other clouds systems is that they report automatically the user activities, without to use third party addons/tools/scripts.

Such an approach is definitely possible and working. Normally you don’t have access to these logs as an normal user for Seafile. I would prefer a solution where the server admin isn’t involved.