Email notification use eppn instead of contact email with Shibboleth


I would like to know how can we custom email sending to use contact email instead of ‘email’ (correspond to eppn with Shibboleth) in body messages.
Indeed it’s not very good to use eppn here because in an email, a pattern look like this : "" is consider as an email address, and in many mail client a “mailto” link is automatically created/usable to be able to send a mail to the user quickly. So in the case of Shibboleth using the mailto link will not work…

I try to configure some custom template for sending email, like shared_upload_link_email.html etc.
Which variable I have to use to display contact_email of the “source” of email instead of his eppn ?
I think it would be great to have a quick method or parameter to configure this in future.

Thank you for your help

yes, we will replace all the email with contact email in next release.

Currently there is no easy way to configure this variable.

You can try change the body as we do in