Email settings when creating a user

Why did I specify an email address when I created a user, but the system created a contact email address for me, and also generated an email format, which caused my sharing to conflict with the file name. The file name became the email address generated by the system instead of the email address I defined. The mailbox format, how do I modify the mailbox generated by the user system that has been created now? How can I avoid generating this email address when creating users in the future?

@ daniel.panPlease help me take a look. My version is the professional version 11.0.5. I used to use version 6.0 or so before and this would not happen.

You can check the release note for version 11. From v11, all newly created users will have a random ID as internal email. The contact email field will store the user level readable email and notifications will be sent to contact email.

@ daniel.panThe owner of the shared library and the internal mailbox when conflicting files are generated in the seafile client are displayed. I want to use the mailbox I created instead of the built-in one, because the built-in mailbox cannot tell which user caused the conflicting file and which user shared the library with me. Where can I set it so that these two places can show the mailbox I defined?

Some code is still using the internal IDs for generating user visible texts. We’ll improve it in future versions.

Will 11.0.7 fix this issue?

Nope. It’s a client issue, not server.

The client I am using is the latest version 9.0.6 and has this problem. I hope you can change this display in the next version. Thank you very much!