Enable Https With No Nginnx Apache

I’m not using Nginx or Apache. Instead, I bound Python Django to
Can you enable Seahub to serve https directly?

Theoretically, it is possible because gunicorn has added SSL support some time ago (see ssl - Running gunicorn on https? - Stack Overflow)

But it’s not recommended and there is no official manual for it.

Do you care to explain why you wish to deviate from the standard setup?

My server is pretty small, so I thought I would avoid another layer.

I’d definitely recommend using a separate web sever. Unlike Apache, Nginx is also compact.

As far as I know, the RasPi package also uses nginx. So much for its requirements.

Nginx is pretty small. If you are running a Seafile anyhow, there should be no question whether nginx consumes too many resources. Rather deinstall Seafile :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: