Enable permission for files


I’m actually working for a company that would like to use seafile instead of an other EDM.
I’m facing an issue with the rights management in seafile, actually seafile only allow to add permissions such as read, read/write and administration to a library/directory, but we need to put permissions on files too.

I’d like to know if you think that this will be a future feature ?


If thsi are just serveral files, you could put the into folders.

There have been feature requests for the exact thing you requested here. Maybe in a future release, it will be possible. As of now, the best way to handle it is as @bionade24 suggested. Simply create libraries that only certain Seafile groups/people have access to. I prefer to use groups in that instance.

For example: You have a finance department. Well, you want the finance department to have access to files other departments don’t. So, you create a Finance group, and a Finance library. You share the library with the Finance group you created. Then, you add members that need access to the Finance group.

Works similar to AD on Windows Server, but not quite as complicated or powerful. But, it works.

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@bionade24 & @wthess Thank you for your answers !
The problem is that it probably concerns several hundred files in our current file architecture. This means that we should rearrange the files of all users before using Seafile.

Moreover, such a feature could be useful in some cases,

I’ll give you an example:
If i want three users working on a project where files are stored in myfolder.

I want this rights to avoid users to write/delete files by mistake.
User01 to read/write on file1, and only read on file2 & file3.
User02 to read/write on file2, and only read on file1 & file3.
User03 to read/write on file3, and only read on file1 & file2.

I’ll have to create 3 subfolders in order to put the 3 files and put the good permissions, that’s not very practicable, moreover, in this case I only use 3 users/files, in a bigger project, it’ll be difficult to manage rights correctly.

That’s why I was asking this feature, for a company environment I think that it’ll be very useful !

Yeah, I understand. It has been requested several times in this category. It may be implemented in a future version, but for the time being, groups and isolated libraries are the only option.

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