Form the manual on 6.0 pro.

Enable system admin add T&C, all users need to accept terms before using. Defaults to False.

Since version 6.0


How can we edit the document ?

After enable terms and conditions, the admin can edit the document via Web UI in admin panel.

Hi @daniel.pan ,

I checked the feature. It has significant limited use because there is no alternative between passive (direct) or active (audit) download. Could it be possible to add a check box in the share windows (below nb of days) in order to let the users decide if they want to trace the upload/download actions ?

Do you mean after enable terms and conditions, anonymous users need to check terms and conditions before visiting sharing links?

Sorry, i made a confusion between two config options.

I’m dealing about the audit sharing link

For un-login users, providing an email before downloading or uploading on shared link page.

Since version 5.1.4


I mean that when you enable terms and conditions, sharing links have a new option allowing members to check if the sharing link is a passive (direct) or a audit one, like on this screen