Encrypted directories with fscrypt?

On my Linux machine, I would like to sync using Seafile a directory that is encrypted via cryptfs ttps://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Fscrypt#Encrypt_a_directory . (TL;DR: the directory can be in “locked” or “unlocked” status; when it is locked, the names and contents of files are scrambled. This is implemented via the ext4 “encrypt” feature flag, and works only under this fs.)

How does cryptfs interact with Seafile? I found no information on the internet, but I can imagine 3 different behaviors:

1 - Seafile syncs the encrypted files, and ignores their decrypted version whenever the folder is unlocked.
2 - Seafile is aware of the flag, and syncs the (unencrypted) private files only when the directory is unlocked, or has a configurable behavior.
3 - Seafile sees the encryption / decryption as a change in the content of files, and re-syncs files whenever the folder is locked/unlocked.

I guess (3) is the most probable way it’s working right now, but actually I would like to have (1) or (2).

Thanks in advance for each helpful answer!