Encrypted library file key

I’m kinda stick with the following:

I have no idea how to do the encryption procedure. I have found a way to just put a password onto a library, but that’s not it, is it?

Greetings and thanks in advance

Just go to the SeaHub and Create library with password. This is encyption as written in your link.

Really? This manual talks about a file key which you protect with your password. What you are suggesting(and which I’m doing now) is just adding a password to a folder. I don’t see the encryption part here?

Manual saying how this “password to a folder” works. It just take your password, make same hash(#1) from it, generate some random hash(#2) to file. This file is encypted by hash(#1) from password. Now all file contents in this library are encryptet by random hash(#2) from file.

Oh okay, thank you very much!