Enforce 2FA (Seafile Pro)

Is there a way to enforce 2FA for all users once it has been enabled by Admin?


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Any update on this? I also need this

It is planned for version 7.0.

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When is that expected to arrive? approx

It would be good if we get Pro version such that Each Org can have its settings if to make 2FA compulsory or not.

is there an update to this issue?


This is from Seahub config https://download.seafile.com/published/seafile-manual/config/seahub_settings_py.md

Since version 7.0.9, you can force a full user to log in with a two factor authentication.# The prerequisite is that the administrator should ‘enable two factor authentication’ in the ‘System Admin -> Settings’ page.# Then you can add the following configuration information to the configuration file.ENABLE_FORCE_2FA_TO_ALL_USERS = True

This is what it looks like in Seafile’s system administration

@dragndrop Can you mark as solved?

Thanks and sorry, I somehow missed that, I already read that page before :frowning:

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