Error get next result from prep stmt: sqlite3_step failed: disk I/O error

I upgrade seafile server on raspberry pi platform from 6.3.4 to latest 7.0.5 and get always this disk I/O error after a while. smartctl shows no problem found.
I think problem might be in sqlite in seafile
Anybody experience same issue?
Below seafile.log

Since there are no other users reporting this issue, I think your issue may be that the disk is out of space?

disk only being used 10%
do you know what could be the problem?
I have to reboot to make disk accessible however after a while then
the problem comes again

there is error also in syslog

Firstly, do you use sd card or hdd/sdd?

I have SATA HDD with USB adapter
Below is smartctl report

when hdd already in error state, then there is error message in dmesg showing like sector error. however i cannot locate this error with badblocks -v /dev/sda
i don’t get this ???

Where is located your sql database?, if it is on sd card, you should fsck to sd card.

This fix the issue
Thank you