Error Index.log Seafile server 7.0.1 Pro

since installing the 7.0.1 pro version of seafile (new installation), I have an error that always comes up in the index.log file. someone could help me understand this error that comes up for 1 library out of 8 used

Index updated, statistic report:

04/24/2019 21:42:10 [INFO] seafes:165 start_index_local: [commit read] 2
04/24/2019 21:42:10 [INFO] seafes:166 start_index_local: [dir read]    151
04/24/2019 21:42:10 [INFO] seafes:167 start_index_local: [file read]   35
04/24/2019 21:42:10 [INFO] seafes:168 start_index_local: [block read]  34
04/24/2019 22:41:49 [INFO] root:208 main: storage: using filesystem storage backend
04/24/2019 22:41:49 [INFO] root:210 main: index office pdf: True
04/24/2019 22:41:49 [INFO] seafes:161 start_index_local: Index process initialized.
04/24/2019 22:41:49 [INFO] seafes:46 run: starting worker0 worker threads for indexing
04/24/2019 22:41:49 [INFO] seafes:46 run: starting worker1 worker threads for indexing
04/24/2019 22:41:51 [WARNING] seafes:73 check_recovery: 96957378-a10e-4815-9434-25340a35f1e8: inrecovery
04/24/2019 22:41:51 [INFO] seafes:122 thread_task: worker0 worker updated at 2019-04-24 22:41 time
04/24/2019 22:41:51 [INFO] seafes:127 thread_task: worker0 worker get 0 error
04/24/2019 22:42:10 [ERROR] seafes:116 thread_task: Index Repo Error: 96957378-a10e-4815-9434-25340a35f1e8
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/seafile/cloud/seafile-pro-server-7.0.1/pro/python/seafes/", line 105, in thread_task
    self.fileindexupdater.update_repo(repo_id, commit_id)
  File "/home/seafile/cloud/seafile-pro-server-7.0.1/pro/python/seafes/", line 80, in update_repo
  File "/home/seafile/cloud/seafile-pro-server-7.0.1/pro/python/seafes/", line 76, in check_recovery
    self.update_files_index(repo_id, old, new)
  File "/home/seafile/cloud/seafile-pro-server-7.0.1/pro/python/seafes/", line 67, in update_files_index
    self.files_index.delete_dirs(repo_id, deleted_dirs)
  File "/home/seafile/cloud/seafile-pro-server-7.0.1/pro/python/seafes/indexes/", line 244, in delete_dirs
    self.delete_by_repo_path_prefix(repo_id, path)
  File "/home/seafile/cloud/seafile-pro-server-7.0.1/pro/python/seafes/indexes/", line 254, in delete_by_repo_path_prefix
AttributeError: 'Search' object has no attribute 'delete'
04/24/2019 22:42:10 [INFO] seafes:122 thread_task: worker1 worker updated at 2019-04-24 22:42 time
04/24/2019 22:42:10 [INFO] seafes:127 thread_task: worker1 worker get 1 error
04/24/2019 22:42:10 [INFO] seafes:38 clear_worker: All worker threads has stopped.
04/24/2019 22:42:10 [INFO] seafes:72 run: index updated, total time 21.2267308235 seconds
04/24/2019 22:42:10 [INFO] seafes:131 clear_deleted_repo: start to clear deleted repo
04/24/2019 22:42:10 [WARNING] seafes:79 run: Request Error: TransportError(400, u'illegal_argument_exception', u'No search type for [scan]')
04/24/2019 22:42:10 [INFO] seafes:164 start_index_local: 


It will be solved in the next release.

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