Error message "Please check the network." when sending links via e-mail

Hello everyone,
I noticed something strange, when I share a library and send the share-link via e-mail, I get the error message “Please check the network.” Despite the error message, the e-mail is sent and arrives at the recipient.

This error only occurs if I try to send the e-mail by clicking the “Share” button.

Sending the share link via the Share icon works fine.

The error occurs with several systems.
Seafile Professional Server 7.0.7 and Community 7.0.4, operating systems Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 and Debian. All logfiles are empty and shows no errors.

Hey everybody,
can someone recreate this problem?
I get the same problem with Seafile Pro 7.0.9.

I have exactly the same problem (Community version). The emails, however, get sent out. This causes quite a bit of irritation.

The bug was reported and will be fixed in 7.1.


In such a case it would be helpful to look at the developer console to see which requests were done and why they or at least what failed.

@daniel.pan This problem is back in Seafile PE 9.0.7: Hitting “Send” results in the error message “Please check your network” but mail is sent.

Hello, we can’t reproduce this error on our side.

Is there any error messages in seahub.log?

Can you give us a test account of your Seafile web site so we can login to your Seafile and send a test email to debug this error.

If this is not convenient, please open Network tab of Chrome’s Developer Tools to see what happens when you sending email.

That is part of the mystery:

  • No error message in seahub.log - like in the past.
  • No error message in the browser console, by contrast, I see a 200 status (see below)
  • Identical behavior in Firefox and Chrome
  • I tested in a Docker-based system and non-Docker system

I will send you log in credentials for the test system (Docker) in a private message.

Seafile 9.0.6
I have the same issue here when sharing a library. Is there a fix available meanwhile?

Thanks, I updated the system and the bug is gone.