Error Message [SF ran on Windows]

IMAGE 1: I get the top Error Message (purple background) (top of image one) when trying to create a library

IMAGE 2: What pages i get the regular Error message on (Bottom message image 1)

I have only been using SeaFile for about 2 days when I got this message so it’s newly installed. I’ve only created 2 libraries so far to play around and test it. One of which was an encrypted one of that means anything to my problem. I also run SeaFile on windows and use Xampp. I set up seafile before but did a fresh instal because of this same problem. it solved it for a bit and now it’s back :(. When I go to setting everything works just fine. I tried resetting the server with no luck. I’ve also looked through the Manual and on here with no luck. TO BE CLEAR: Seafile ran 100% fine for a couple of days. My internet connection is working fine and seafile server looks to be running fine. Not sure the solution so any input would be appreciated and helpful. Thanks for your time

NOTE: Most pages that don’t have an error message including system setting take a long time to load or just keep loading and I give up and close out. (Might give a sign of the problem)?