Error "not found" while open encrypted library on Android client


i’m getting an error “not found” on my mobile android clients (3 different devices), when i try to log into an encrypted folder. all devices running the android client version 2.2.4. The Server Version is 6.2.5. a couple of weeks ago (maybe with former android version) the error doesn’t occour.

When i use a wrong password, the error “wrong password” is shown. Login via Browser in this effected folder works.

Does the Android Client has a bug?

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No problem here. Client 2.2.4 on Android 8.0.0. Seafile Pro server 6.2.9.

I have the same problem, can not open encrypted libraries from Android mobile client.
Server version is 6.2.5, Android client 2.2.4, Android version 8.1
I can open unencrypted libraries on mobile, and can open encrypted libraries on web and with the Windows client.
I could not open the encrypted library that i have just created successfully on mobile device either.
Any advice what to check, please, and where to start to debug the problem?

Thanks in advance,