Error while synchronizing with server

I have the following problems with my server. I tried but it did not help. Of course, I can copy my files and re-upload everything again. I think this should help. Maybe there is a more elegant way?

[04/24/2020 09:39:28 PM] …/common/fs-mgr.c(1891): [fs mgr] Failed to read dir 3dd564e362dd8681e8ff0d03e85a857f12cd6d2c.
[04/24/2020 09:39:28 PM] …/common/diff-simple.c(134): Failed to find dir aa5554d5-9a9f-4c1f-aac8-90651a9890b1:3dd564e362dd8681e8ff0d03e85a857f12cd6d2c.
[04/24/2020 09:39:28 PM] http-server.c(1364): Failed to diff remote and master head for repo aa5554d5.