Errors in client after deleting a library

Hi there,

I use Seafile-Server 5.18 with Seafile client 5.1.4. After I deleted library XXX on my server, which was synced to local directory C:/Users/Seafile/XXX I get the following message in my client’s seafile.log:

repo XXX(20ea82a2) not found on server

The message comes up every few seconds.

I tried to delete the synchronisation in seaf-applet, but it does not show up anymore.

I then tried to delete my local folder C:/Users/Seafile/XXX. Now I additionally get the log message:
repo-mgr.c(762): Failed to access worktree
C:/Users/Seafile/XXX’ (20ea82a2)

How can I delete the synchronization in my client?


I found my mistake:

After unchecking, the library was removed from sync.

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