Excessive CPU usage and Explorer flicker

I have a excessive CPU load problem on a Windows device with Win10 LTSB and the Seafile Client 6.1.3.

See below:

The seaf-daemon sometimes consumes over 40% CPU and the Windows Explorer around 10%. The biggest problem is, that the Windows Explorer permanently flickers at the synced library. BTW the library size is about 515 GB. Could that be a problem?

The Sophos antivirus is not the problem, because I’ve temporary uninstalled the Sophos, but the CPU load is the same.

When I close the Seafile Client, all problems are gone.

I don’t understand why this problem has not been adressed as of today.
We’re still experiencing the same problem.

Because 1. it is not a universal problem (check the forum for such reports yourself) and 2. the developers are working on a version 2 of SeaDrive (see the roadmap).

I sympathize. But I am pretty sure it is not prevealent on all your computers. Right? So there should also be tings you can do.

With the latest 2 client versions, the symptom is now back as it was before.

There was a point where the blocking behaviour if the windows explorer was gone and the problem stopped immediately after one specific patch.

Something must have changed and gone wrong in the latest client version.