Excessive CPU usage and Explorer flicker

I have a excessive CPU load problem on a Windows device with Win10 LTSB and the Seafile Client 6.1.3.

See below:

The seaf-daemon sometimes consumes over 40% CPU and the Windows Explorer around 10%. The biggest problem is, that the Windows Explorer permanently flickers at the synced library. BTW the library size is about 515 GB. Could that be a problem?

The Sophos antivirus is not the problem, because I’ve temporary uninstalled the Sophos, but the CPU load is the same.

When I close the Seafile Client, all problems are gone.

I don’t understand why this problem has not been adressed as of today.
We’re still experiencing the same problem.

Because 1. it is not a universal problem (check the forum for such reports yourself) and 2. the developers are working on a version 2 of SeaDrive (see the roadmap).

I sympathize. But I am pretty sure it is not prevealent on all your computers. Right? So there should also be tings you can do.