Exlcude folder from syncing not working in Windows Client 6.0.3

I am using Cyberlink Powerdirector.
Unfortunately, the program insists on creating shadow copies of HD movies I am editing in a folder called Cyberlink within my documents folder.
I have synced my entire documents folder to my seafile cloud.
But I am unable to exclude the folder Cyberlink and it’s content from syncing to the server.
I have already disconnected the synchronization and re-initiated it after creating the seafile-ignore.txt, but it still keeps syncing the shadow-files.
What am I doing wrong?
The seafile-ignore.txt is in the root of my documents folder and has the following content:

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot,

Normally a single line like the following would be enough:


Thanks for your advice.
I have now tried the following:

  1. Update the seafile-ignore.txt in the root folder of my documents.
  2. Disconnect the synchronization
  3. Delete the Cyberlink folder on both the local machine and the server
  4. Restart the server and the client application
  5. reconnect the synchronization of my documents folder to the server
  6. Start Powerdirector

Result: Powerdirector recreates the Cyberlink folder and the folder and all its content is synced to my server, so it is not working :frowning:
That’s strange, because I use a seafile-ignore.txt in a different library to exclude files, so it seems that folder exclusion is broken?

Any idea what is going wrong? Can this be fixed, please?