Expiration time for users accounts

Hi all,

I’ve been thinking of that since a couple of weeks.

We have some guest and invited users that have access to libraries through groups for a certain period.

But :

  • people who invited them do not think of removing them from the groups when they do not need to acces files anymore
  • they do not think of alerting the admin to delete the account
  • and guest always have access to the files even when they quit the partner company

Considering that, i think that it could be useul to implement a expiration time :

  • into account creation (admin)
  • into invitations (members)

Guest users who are close to the expiration period (15 days) may receive an email as an alert and they could ask for admin or member to postpone the expiration date

This could be similar to expiration days on download links.

What do youy think of it ?


We don’t have a plan to add such a feature yet as not many people need this feature. I think it is better for you to write a script to solve the problem for now.

It’s a pity it’s an essential function

It’s a bit like hygiene, it’s not necessarily necessary to wash, but you prefer to stand next to someone who is clean and smells good :wink:

+1 for the addition of this function in the future in the pro version


Our context is quite different from end-user centric cloud because we use seafile as a collaboratve platform (institution-centric). Then we need to control the accounts.

We will write a script and pull it here.


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