Extensions for Seafile?

Switched to Seafile and ditched Nextcloud, so far i’m loving it. But I don’t see any extensions or ‘apps’ (as nextcloud calls them). Just wondering if there is something similar for Seafile? (I know Seafile already has WebDav, Fuse and OnlyOffice integration, so i’m not talking about those)

For example, the gallery from Nextcloud was a perfect way to show off your photos, Seafile doesn’t have such a feature from what I can see. Similarity, it would be nice to have some tweaks to the online viewers for files. Such as when viewing a PDF allow zooming, and rotating. Or select more than on MP3 to play at a time, or play a whole folder.

I can see that Seafile’s front end is all Python (Django) so how difficult would it be for extensions to be made?

I’ve seen at least one extension: Introducing Seamate, an easy-to-use Seahub customizer

You may want to get in touch with the author: https://forum.seafile.com/u/D_FR

From that post it seems that the extension has to be reloaded on every seafile update, as seafile doesn’t have a built-in extension system, so my guess is that effectively all extensions are temporary patches.

Good luck, and if you get something working please share it here with the rest of us.

You can disable pdfjs and enable OO for pdfs, then you got more.
Another plugin is seafadm with some functions, but I think you can find some on Github.

You can use Seafile’s API, WebDAV, SeaFUSE and SeaDrive, so you can match it with existing tools or program tools which work with one of them.

As far as I know there’s no standardized framework or API to program an extension for. You’d need to hack your way into (modify code that is not ment to be modified) the server if you need something that’s not included with the standard builds.

After 3 years of using seafile and looking for alternatives I can say that it sits between something like git-annex in terms of sophistication and nextcloud or wonkcloud in ease of use (the code for everything else that is not sync related seems to be reviewed and tested by an army of 9yr olds but that’s a different story).

Bottom line:
Use seafile if you want the best and most reliable synching algorithm out there to manage your files. If you need extras consider using a separate server for hosting PLEX and give it access to your files using seadrive, with a reasonable amount of cache.

I support this argument. I use seafile for it does what I need it for and it works very well. If you add to much crap normaly things start getting faulty.

actually seafile has other benefits I really like over others. Looking Office files (what a supreme feature for collorboration) the New permissioning system ist also a great benefit. 2FA out of the box. dont miss anything.
Most people miss Calendar but why would I want to have my calendar mixed into my FileSync? for me this feature clearly should sit on the Mail server…

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