Failed to download files on both mobile clients

On both Android/iOS i cant download files that have space in their name (blanks/spaces), no matter the file type or size, if its without spaces it works no problem.

Where could be the problem?

I can not confirm this on android with client 2.2.11 and seafile CE server 6.3.4
Which Server do you use?

We use Windows server version 6.0.7

Any ideas?

I don’t know, if this helps. I am a new user. I just installed Seafile App on IOS 12 and Android 7 on an IPAD and an Android tablet. During installation I did not allow permission to “photo”. As a result, when I clicked on file in the cloud to download, I received file download error. After I enabled permission to “photo” in IOS “settings”, I was able to download file immediately. I can download files with spaces in the filenames.

I will raise the topic!
The situation is similar - on iOS and Android devices DO NOT download files containing a space in the name or Cyrillic characters in the name.
Server Version 6.3.4
iOS / Android client version - 2.9.7 / 2.2.28

Several server / client installations - identical behavior!

P.S. Error as in the screenshots at this link -