Failed to index


one of my library frustrated me. Everyday the library have index problem and I need to re-index it.
Here is the seafile.log from the windows client.

[12/18/20 10:20:00] All events are processed for repo 5717f945-3123-4d57-9a8d-fe2e49705269.
[12/18/20 10:20:00] Repo ‘Projekte’ sync state transition from ‘committing’ to ‘synchronized’.
[12/18/20 10:30:01] Repo ‘Projekte’ sync state transition from ‘synchronized’ to ‘committing’.
[12/18/20 10:30:03] CDC: failed to read: Permission denied.
[12/18/20 10:30:03] Failed to chunk file with CDC.
[12/18/20 10:30:03] Failed to index file D:/
[12/18/20 10:30:03] SQL error: 1 - incomplete input
: INSERT INTO FileSyncError (repo_id, repo_name, path, err_id, timestamp) VALUES (‘5717f945-3123-4d57-9a8d-fe2e49705269’, ‘Projekte’, ‘’, 4,
[12/18/20 10:30:05] Repo ‘Projekte’ sync is finished but with error: Error when indexing
[12/18/20 10:30:05] Repo ‘Projekte’ sync state transition from ‘committing’ to ‘error’.

How I can fix that?
Thanks in advance!

Hey, is it only one library having an issue?

If i were in your position, I’d try de-syncing the library, deleting it from the server, starting a new library and re-syncing. See if that fixes it.

Just worth a shot while you’re waiting i guess.

Hey Cryos,

yes its only one library at the moment, because I work with the library everyday a lot. I already tried re-install, re-create, re-sync - nothing helped.

Is it always the same (DB) file failing? Is it opened/locked maybe?

I split one library in sub folders for syncing. Everything work, except one. It always says “Please re-sync your library. There was an internal file management error” (translated to English)