"Failed to install kernel driver" on Mac OS X Mavericks


I need to install the SeaDrive client on Mac OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks). Unfortunately, I keep getting the error message: “Failed to initialize: failed to install kernel driver”.
In newer versions of Mac OS X, it was possible to allow the program by clicking a button in the security options. But in my older version, this button does not appear.

Does anyone know a solution?
Thanks in advance!

Have you tried it as root?

I tried installing it as root via Terminal. I don’t know much about Mac OS X, but SeaDrive is now in /Applications. I can’t open it because the program is verified by the system and the mentioned error message appears.

I even don’t know much on Linux you need something called module-assistant and m-a prepare. I would search through the internet how install kernel modules.