Failed to migrate from SQLITE to mysql


I followed the migration guide from the wiki.

I’m unable to import the seahub-db.sql file. I was able to narrow the error down to the following line in the sql script:

I’m stuck at this point. Can someone give me a hint whats wrong with the syntax?

Thanks in advance!

P.s.: take a look at CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `api2_tokenv2` ( `key` varchar(40) NOT NULL PRIMAR - for raw sql script

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTSapi2_tokenv2(keyvarchar(40) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,uservarchar(255) NOT NULL,platformvarchar(32) NOT NULL,device_idvarchar(40) NOT NULL,device_namevarchar(40) NOT NULL,platform_versionvarchar(16) NOT NULL,client_versionvarchar(16) NOT NULL,last_accesseddatetime NOT NULL,last_login_ipchar(39), wiped_at datetime DEFAULT NULL, created_at datetime NOT NULL, UNIQUE (user,platform,device_id)) ENGINE=INNODB

Thanks Jack!

After removing the ‘DEFAULT 1970-01-01 00:00:00’ statement the import was successful.

I think the migration script has to be updated. Is there a issue tracker where I can post this error report / solution? Or are the Dev reading this forum?

We will update the tutorial soon. Thanks for reporting.