Failed upload pauses all uploads (annoying feature)

When uploading a large number of files with the sync client, occasionally there’s one file that fails, and a popup appears asking to skip or retry, and retry works every time. That’s not a problem for me. What is a problem for me is that it pauses all uploads and waits for my response.

If I have a large number of files to upload, I’m going to walk away from the computer for a while, possibly over night, and I would rather that it put those failed uploads into a queue and upload the rest, and present me with the “retry” option when it’s all done. If these are mostly small files, it will actually upload those failures pretty quickly. But when I leave the computer overnight and wake up in the morning expecting the upload to be complete, only to find that it paused a half-hour after I went to sleep, this can be very frustrating.

It would also be great if it automatically retries the file some number of times before it puts them into a queue.

(update: I should mention that I’m talking doing a one time upload of files, not sync. I can now see that it’s possible to first choose “sync” for such a directory, then un-sync it when it’s done, but that’s something a new user has to figure out. It’s not something people are going to be aware of if they’re new. But what if someone ever insists on not doing sync for whatever reason? They’ll still be stuck with this problem of occasional upload failures pausing the transfer indefinitely until a user manually selects “retry”.)

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