File and folder count in web UI

I haven’t seen this implemented yet, but it would be great if the web ui showed how many folders are in a library, and how many files in a folder.


And it will be awesome to show the total size of files in folder, too


I was going to ask why Seafile shows the size of each lib, but not sizes of inside folders :slight_smile:

My customers just ask for this again. They acquired data from another company, and a lot of empty inner folders. It would be very helpful if we can see the size of folders.

Can anyone from Seafile consider this feature please?

It’s available in the details view. Hover on some folder, klick on the arrow an select details.

I know it is available in details view. However, user needs to click to the arrow and select details. Why not make it easier, just by adding the size in the size column existing there already?


I do not even see this in the detail view. On all my folders inside a library, I do not see the size nor number of files. The only things I have there are “Location” and “Last Update”.
I think this is a very necessary feature to have. For example if you upload a lot of files and quickly want to check if all of them are transferred.
I’m on SF 7.0.2 right now.

edit: Is it true, that number of files and size is only available at the root folder of the library? Furthermore, the size column is only used for files. Is this correct?

@daniel.pan As I understand it, information about the size and number of files is available only in the library, and is not available in subfolders.
The question arises how to search in which folder of the library there are more files, or takes up more space on the disk.
Is it possible to display the number of files and their size in any folder?

Displaying file number in any subfolder requires too much resource (CPU and disk IO). In large installation, some times it case the server to freeze, so we removed this feature and don’t have a plan to add this feature back yet.