File Locking and Icon Notification Issue

I’m a relatively new seafile user, who has successfully set up a seafile server. I’m still in the testing process and debating whether to put it into production. I’m using the Server 6.0.9 linux server and 0.6.2 Driver for the client side on mostly Windows 10 os’. Most everything appears to be working great. I had a few questions that I was hoping someone would help me sort out before I decide to put this into production.

First, I’ve done a little research and it appears that file locking is only available for the Pro edition. However, when I right click on a file when using the drive client it gives me the option to lock the file. When I do so it even updates the status icon for the file. Is this just a poor design issue? Or are there different types of locking functionality available to community and pro? It would be really nice to get this working as it’s one piece of functionality that is missing from our requirements. Not even locking is necessary, just a notification that another user is currently using that file would be sufficient.

Secondly, about the status icons, I’ve only been able to get those to show up on one client out of five. As far as I know I did nothing different in the set up. Out of the five, most were on windows 10 and one was a mac…all with the same problem. Anyone have any idea what could cause this problem?

Just a quick update. I attempt the fix decribed here…Missing green Sync Hooks in Library and that appears to have fixed the overlay problem.

Now the only thing needed to be resolved is the locking issue. I understand locking is only available in the Pro edition, but if that is so why am I even able to click on the option with the icon updated as seen in the photos below? Also are there any plans in bringing file locking to the community version, or maybe a even a ‘lighter’ version of just detection as I described above?


The file locking should not work with CE. It’s just a UI problem.